About Us


As Canadian-born Americans of Portuguese descent, Lisa Marques (pictured right) and Suzanne Marques Anderson (pictured left) spent their childhoods braving the snows of Montreal and their adulthoods soaking in Florida’s sun. They bonded over their love of adventuring, pizza, and aesthetics. Once upon a time, their parents told them they could do anything. 


So they did.


In 2010, at a time and place where lash extensions were practically unheard of, these two sisters united in pursuit of their passion for beauty and innovation. Lisa and Suzanne remodeled obstacles into opportunities; when Suzanne suddenly developed an allergy to every eyelash extension adhesive on the market, this encouraged them to begin formulating their own products, made with carefully selected quality ingredients. Thus BlushRock Beauty emerged, the first beauty studio devoted to quality eyelash extensions and products in Tampa, Florida. As licensed aestheticians and artists of their craft, Lisa and Suzanne evolved as creative entrepreneurs who have revolutionized their corner of the beauty industry in terms of quality, authenticity, and professionalism. 


BlushRock Beauty’s mission is to enable any woman to instantly feel more confident and glamorous. Due to the exemplary lash material and retention, it’s about simplifying beauty and makeup routines in a busy, demanding world. Thanks to the customized service, it’s about making beauty an individualized experience based on each client’s preferences and needs.


Lisa and Suzanne fiercely uphold a work ethos of trust and integrity, exclusively choosing topical products that are oil-free, paraben-free, latex-free, and cruelty-free. Their love of lashing enables them to continuously conduct research, encourage new ideas, and innovate products of the highest standard. 


Today, BlushRock Beauty opens its doors to women from all over, far and wide! The company has created hundreds of jobs by training aspiring lash artists, distributes 300+ products throughout the Americas, and is soon expanding to worldwide distribution.