Colored Lashes Aren’t Just for Halloween!

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Posted on October 31 2019

Colored Lashes Aren’t Just for Halloween!


Happy Halloween! If you’re anything like us, you know that Halloween is one of the BEST holidays out there. Forget the black cats, witches and ghosts…. Our favorite part of the season is getting to be creative with our beauty regimen! We’ve all tried to emulate our favorite blogger’s Halloween makeup tutorials, and this year it seems like skeletons, clowns and pumpkins were the most popular. Check out some of our favorite looks we’ve seen so far:



Pretty cool, right? But FYI… you don’t have to wait another 365 days to experiment with an out of the box look! One of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now is something fun and funky that you can rock even when it isn’t a holiday! Colored lash extensions is our latest beauty obsession, and whether you’re rocking them with your costume this Halloween or just spicing up your everyday look, we are obsessed!

Colored lash extensions are just like the traditional lashes you know and love, but with a cool twist! They are applied the same way, individually attached to the natural lash and will increase the volume and length of your lashes while providing you with a unique flair. They also require the same upkeep as traditional lash extensions.

One of the best things about colored lash extensions is that they are completely customizable. Are you looking for something really dramatic, like a full and fluffy purple? Give it a try! Or maybe you want something a little more subtle? No problem, your lash artist can sprinkle in some colored lashes with your regular black extensions for a less dramatic appearance. And if you want just a hint of color we suggest trying our ombre lashes that will give you a much softer look as these extensions are deeper and richer in color and blend perfectly with black lash extensions.

You can even select a shade to compliment and accent the color of your natural eyes! Blues look great on blue eyed beauties, purples and violets help brown eyes stand out, and a set of green lashes will scream on a green eyed goddess!

The best part? Since colored lashes are a relatively new trend, you’ll likely be one of the first in the area to have them! Visit us today at to stock up on some colored and ombre lashes and get ready to make heads turn!

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